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Overview of composting

Benefits To Schoolwide Composting

A composting project presents all kinds of opportunities for the school community. Aside from curriculum connections and interdisciplinary learning, composting helps to instill an environmental ethic, conserve natural resources and build school community.

Here are some reasons why a school might take on a composting program:

  • Take responsibility for school's waste
  • Recycle natural resources

  • Educate the community about the benefits of composting

  • Change cultural attitudes about garbage in a way that will benefit society

  • Affect the life style decisions made by future citizens of the community

  • Reduce the school solid waste stream
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Additional benefits of a school composting project:

learning about science

  • Enhance teaching of science concepts

  • Teach social responsibility

  • Empower students (gives them a specific action they can take to help the earth)

  • Inform parents as well as students about composting

  • Provide a soil amendment for school gardening projects or for sale as a fund raiser

  • Help the school work toward becoming a "green school"

  • Foster a sense of school pride


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