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1) Spermatozoa and testosterone are developed in the testis. FSH governs the development of sperm cells. LH controls testosterone.

2) Spermatozoa are collected in the epididymis. This is like a nursery.

3) Spermatozoa travel through the vas deferens.

4) Seminal vesicles provide fructose for the spermatozoa.

5) The bladder holds urine until discharge.

6) The urethra discharges urine and semen.

7) The prostate gland produces a protective, nutritive secretion for the spermatozoa. In the body of the prostate, ducts from the seminal vesicles and the prostate unite with the urethra.

8) The cowpers gland produces an oil that cleans and lubricates the urethra.

Semen = Sperm, Fructose, Prostate Fluid and Oil.

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