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Mr. Hand’s 8th Grade Science Overview

Science State Frameworks for Grade 6 through 8 – Click here to see how grade 8 meets the state framework standards in science education

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Welcome to 8th Grade Science! Be prepared to work hard and have a lot of fun this year! In each unit you will be using science process skills: measuring, classifying, observing, inferring, predicting, interpreting, experimenting and communicating. Most of the time, you will be learning by performing hands-on experiments and by creating projects. You may create a few science movies as well. At other times, you will be learning by listening, writing and reading. 


Description: OxygengasUnits:

   Chemistry: Properties of matter, mixtures, pure substances, periodic table, atomic structure, covalent bonding, ionic bonding and chemical reactions.


   Forces and Motion: Inertia, Fnet = MA, Newton’s 3rd Law, force, average speed, centripetal force, gravity, momentum, acceleration, friction, energy transformations, and equations.


   Genetics:  Mendelian genetics, punnett squares, human genetics, pedigrees, disease, DNA, genes, alleles, mitosis, meiosis, mutations, natural selection and evolution.


   Energy:  Energy transformations, roller coasters, Work = Force x Distance,  power, weather, seasons, kinetic theory of matter, heat and temperature, conduction, radiation, convection, and evaporation.


   Flight: Forces and motion, energy, forces of flight, Bernoulli's principle, centripetal force, model building, engineering and the scientific method.


   Reproduction: The basic structure and function of the male and female reproductive systems.


Class Expectations: Be nice! Work and participate! Raise your hand and share your ideas. Come prepared with a notebook, a plan book and a pencil or a pen. A science notebook is required for every class. Sit after you enter the room. Do not touch science apparatus in the room until you are given permission. Listen carefully to all directions. This is a lab safety issue! Your notebook should be reviewed and studied daily. Compare your class notes to the notes on Mr. Hand’s science site. Go to your locker and the bathroom before class. Pre-test out of units and go work with Mr. Perkins on really cool projects!


Homework: Our Board of Education expects that you will have 45 minutes of science homework each week. Homework assignments will be listed on the website. When you do receive homework, you will need to practice skills and/or finalize observations made during class. For example, you may need to complete a review guide for an upcoming test. It will usually take 20 to 45 minutes to complete an assignment. We will give you a couple of nights to complete an assignment; this allows you the freedom to decide when to do your homework. You will have up to a week to complete a bigger project. If you don’t have any assigned work, take the time to compare your notes to the notes on the science website.


It is your responsibility to get any missed assignments if you are absent. Homework completion affects your effort grade and it is taken into account when we make high school science recommendations.


All work must be handed in on time! If you have 2 or more missing assignments, your Effort Grade will be no higher than Fair. For larger assignments, you may receive partial credit depending on the assignment. Extensions must be arranged ahead of time. In the case of an emergency, you may bring in a note from your parent or guardian. For information about homework assignments, check the science web page. Worksheets and assignments can be printed from the website.


Quizzes: Make-up quizzes are often available. You may correct your mistakes and complete some extra work to earn a better grade. Do not be satisfied with a low grade.

Tests: Tests are closed-notebook. Make-up tests are sometimes available for online tests. Save and study your quizzes! Review your Quia quizzes. Each unit test is derived from the quizzes. 2-3 quizzes are given before each unit test.  If you do well on the quizzes, you are bound to do well on the unit test.  Pre-test out of units and go work with Mr. Perkins on really cool projects!


All units are cumulative. (You can’t forget what you will have learned.) The mid-year exam is also cumulative. The final exam is cumulative too, but it focuses mainly on the second half of the year.  You will need to save your tests for the midyear and final. Remember, you can always review your prior Quia quizzes.


Grading (example):                                               Weight              Total points earned

      Class work ~ Participation ~ Behavior                30%                       180/200 

      Homework On-Time ~ Grade                             30%                       85/100

      Quizzes ~ Tests                                                 40%                       80/100  


         = 86% or B


A+ = 100%-98%, A = 97%-93%, A- = 92%-90%, B+ = 89%-87%, B=86%-84%, etc.


Website:  Use the science website to play Quia review games and to read information about the current unit. Many quizzes and tests are similar to the review games. Look for mistakes on the website for extra credit.


To check homework assignments: Check out information posted on the science site.


If you are absent: It is your responsibility to find out what you missed. You must check the website for homework information. Worksheets and assignments can be printed from the website.


Extra credit: Extra credit and challenging alternative assignments will be available for most units. Take advantage of every opportunity.


Website Extra Credit: You can receive extra credit if you notice an error on the website, or notice that some information is missing. In either case, you should alert us in writing. You may also email us. Email:




Description: thinkIf you need help:

Play the “QUIA” review games or read the notes at the science webpage—everything we do is on there for you. We are always happy to help during x-block or after school.




How to reach us:

Jon Hand

Leave a message:  429-5004, extension 304



Melissa Szych

Leave a message:  429-5004, extension 303




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