Microbe Fun Facts

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Microbes are tiny organisms that are so small we can't see them without a microscope. Microbes, which include bacteria, fungi and viruses, play a very important role in the ecosystem of our planet. Microbes perform the important role of breaking down dead organisms into the basic nutrients that are essential for life on our planet.


Microbes are found nearly everywhere on our planet, including such inhospitable places as the freezing glaciers of Antarctica, volcanic vents miles below the ocean and in the boiling hot springs of Yellowstone Park.


Microbes are responsible for creating foods such as wine, cheese, vinegar, yogurt, and sauerkraut.


While most microbes are harmless to humans, a small fraction are capable of causing diseases and are responsible for millions of human and animal deaths throughout the centuries. These disease-causing microbes are the ones we call "germs."

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