Name: ___________________________________          Block: ______            Date:______________



Answer each question completely and use this sheet and your notes to help you prepare for the test.  You will not be able to use notes for this test. In addition, visit my website and search for information at


1.        If air has a slow velocity, its air pressure is:            higher                     lower


2.        What scientist developed this idea? _________________________________________


3.        Draw a picture that illustrates high and low pressures around a moving plane wing.







4.        Your wood planes did not have curved wings; however, they were still able to fly.  What law explains why?







5.        A curved wing generates more lift than a flat wing.  It is more efficient. Why is this?







6.        What did Sir George Cayley include on his plane? _______________________________________________


7.        How would you get a bubble to move to the right by using Newton?  Bernoulli's Principle?






8.        What happens to a shark if it stops lashing its tail?  Explain how the 4 forces of flight would affect it.







9.        How are kites able to fly?  What law explains why? __________________________________________


10.     Is it easier to lift off the ground in winter or in summer?  Think air pressure.   Winter     Summer


11.     A dropping helicopter falls in a straight line.  This is an example of Newton's _____________________


12.     How is a Frisbee able to fly?  Whose law or principle states why this is?  Does a Frisbee have to spin?


13.     You may only alter one variable at a time when doing an experiment.   All other variables should be kept the…



14.     Lift opposes ______________________


15.     What two forces are increased (when landing) when pilots lower the flaps on the back of the wings?

                Drag                       Lift                          Thrust                    Weight


16.     What two forces are increased when the angle of attack increases about 10 degrees above the horizon?

                Drag                       Lift                          Thrust                    Weight


17.     How much thrust is required to fly a 500 pound plane if its lift to drag ratio is 20 to 1?  Write a proportion to discover the answer.





18.     What control surface is moved to change pitch? __________________________________________


19.     What control surfaces are moved to change roll? __________________________________________


20.     What prevents yaw? __________________________________________


21.     Why are wings designed to have dihedral?





22.     Why can't a plane fly to the moon?




23.     If a plane has its left aileron down and the right one up, you would find a greater pressure under the ___________ wing.


24.     What was the date of the Wright Brothers' famous flight? _________________________________________


25.     The propeller on your plane uses...  Newton,         Bernoulli,  Both


26.     Finish this hypothesis: As weight of a plane increases…




27.     9000 mm = _______ meters                       


28.     150 meters = _____________ Kilometers


29.     How does a wing generate lift?  There are two ways.  Draw and explain.


30.     Which aspect ratio would generate more lift?         4?            2?            1?


31.     What wing dimensions could give an aspect ratio of 4?