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Let’s learn about MATTER!


·       Atom

·       Matter

·       Colloid

·       Mixture

·       Compound

·       Pure

·       Element

·       Solution

·       Heterogeneous

·       Suspension






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Today’s topic is classifying matter. We will start with::


>Element:: any substance that cannot be broken down into a simpler one by a chemical reaction.


Example: Copper is an element because it is all the same no matter where you look at it and it cannot be broken down with chemical reaction. J


Danielle’s Dandy Definition-- element is a skateboarding brand…DUH.


>Compound:: a chemical combination of two or more elements. Can be decomposed by chemical reaction.


Example: Salt


Hannah’s Helpful Hint--Umm…it can dissolve?





>Solution:: its composed of a solute and solvent…


Example: Lemonade


Danielle’s Dandy Definition—What’s a Solute? And what the heck is a Solvent?

Hannah’s Helpful Hints—Solute is SUGAR!!!!! IT DISSOLVES! And Solvent it the one that it dissolves in!


>Colloid:: Particles do not settle out through time. You can’t see the particles with your eye.


Example: Glue


Hannah’s Helpful Hints—It’s thick-y and sticky!





>Suspension: Particles in liquid that settle out due to gravity. You CAN see the particles with your eyes.


Example: Vinegar (with stuff floating in it)


Danielle Dandy Definition— I think that means that you can see little floating things, just like my brothers after they eat crackers and drink water. (Ha.)



>Heterogeneous: Components can’t be distinguished…not uniform in appearance.


Example: Cereal


Hannah’s Helpful Hints—Classified as um…uhm…wait! I know! Physically bonded…not chemically! Danielle’s Dandy Definitions—Like Dirty Laundry!



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