Resources for the Wright Brothers and flight

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1. Wright Brothers Collection - Their papers.

2. Wright Brothers pages with actual photos of the brothers and Kitty Hawk

3. First Flight -The Franklin Institute's guide to Wilbur & Orville Wright's first flight.

4. Wright Brothers Centennial Museum Online

5. National Park Service-Wright Brothers National Memorial - First Flight at Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks.

6. National Air and Space Museum

7. San Diego Aerospace Museum

8. Lewis Research Center Wind Tunnel - Class activities, build your own wind tunnel.

9. Off to a Flying Start - A K-4 online telecommunications project that uses worldwide collaboration and aeronautics to provide learning opportunities for students in math and science.

10. Take off! - Aeronautics and Aviation Science - History, Great activities, teachers' page

11. Three Levels of Aeronautical Activities

12. Take Flight --Design a person-powered aircraft. Build and test your own paper airplane!

13. How Things Fly - Why humans can't fly like birds, how heavy jets fly etc.

14. Aeronautics Learning Laboratory for Science, Technology, and Research


15. First Flight - First Flight is a virtual flight school providing online flying lessons and information about private pilot training.

16. Basic Aircraft Design

17. Plane Math

18. An Educational Web Page for the AMA Cub / Delta Dart

19. Flying an AMA Cub / Delta Dart

20. Instructions for building a P-30

21. See How it Flies

22. Airfoil Simulator:

23. K-8 Aeronautical Internet Textbook


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