A list of Works Cited or Bibliography should appear at the end of a research paper. It provides publication information for each source used in your paper. Alphabetize the list by the last names of the authors, editors, or title if there is no author. Do not indent the first line of each work, but indent any additional lines.


A Book by a Single Author:

Boyce, David George. The Irish Question and British Politics. 2nd ed. New York: St. Martinís Press, 1996.

Mead, Alice. Junebug. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1995.

A Book by Two or Three Authors: (separated by commas)

Collier, James L., and Christopher Collier. War Comes to Willy Freeman. New York: Delacourte, 1983.

Rabkin, Eric S., Martin H. Greenberg, and Joseph D. Olander. Eds. No Place Else: Explorations in Utopian and Dystopian Fiction. Carbonale: Southern Illinois Press, 1983.

A Book by More Than Three Authors: (use only the first author and then et al)

Quirk, Randolph, et al. A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. London: Longman Press, 1985.

A Book with an Editor

Kitchen, Judith, and Mary Paumier Jones, eds. In Short: A Collection of Brief Creative Nonfiction. New York: Norton, 1996.

Unknown Author or Editor

Oxford Essential World Atlas. New York: Oxford Press, 1996.

An Article in a Reference Book (encyclopedia, dictionary, etc.)

"Mandarin." The Encyclopedia Americana. 15th ed. 1987.

"Sonata." Encyclopedia Britannica. 15th ed. 1997.

A Work in an Anthology (or a work in a collection of works)

Hansberry, Lorraine. "A Raisin in the Sun." Black Theater: A Twentieth-Century Collection of the Works of Its Best Playwrights. Ed. Lindsay Patterson. New York: Dodd, 1971. 221-76.

Malouf, David. "The Kyogle Line." The Oxford Book of Travel Stories. Ed. Patricia Craig. Oxford: Oxford Press, 1996. 390-96.

An Article in a Magazine

Cheuse, Alan. "Narrative Painting and Pictorial Fiction." Antioch Review 55 (1997): 277-91.

Will, George. "In Defense of the Mother Tongue." Newsweek. 8 July 1985: 78-79.

An Article in a Newspaper

Eagan, Matt. "Huskies Can Get Their Share." Hartford Courant 27 Feb. 2001, eastern ed.: C1+.

Knox, Richard A. "Please Donít Dial and Drive." Boston Globe 13 Feb. 1997: A1+.

"Marines Charged in Assault." Houston Chronicle 14 Feb. 1998: 6A.

A Video Recording or Digital Video Disc

It's A Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. Perf. James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore,

and Thomas Mitchell. 1946. DVD. Republic, 1998.

A Television or Radio Program

"Frederick Douglass." Civil War Journal. Narr. Danny Glover. Dir. Craig Haffner. Arts and

Entertainment Network. 6 Apr. 1993.

A Lecture, a Speech, an Address, or a Reading

Hyman, Earle. Reading of Shakespeareís Othello. Symphony Space, New York. 28 Mar. 1999.

An Interview Conducted by You (only include the name of the person interviewed)

Rowling, J.K. Telephone interview. 22 July 2001.

Poussaint, Alvin F. Personal interview. 16 May 2001.

A Primary Document (a first-hand account from the time period, such as a letter)

As a general rule, provide enough information for a reader to find the document. As in the following example:

Oakley, Annie. Letter to John Doe. 20 June 1900. Charles Fremont Papers. Georgia Historical Society, Atlanta.


Cite online sources like print sources but include the network address (URL), the date assigned to the material, and the date of access.



A Professional Site

Romance Languages and Literatures Home Page. 1 Jan. 1997. Dept. of Romance Languages,

University of Chicago. 8 July 1998 <http://humanities.uchicago.edu/romance/>.

An Article in an Online Periodical

Markoff, John. "The Voice on the Phone Is Not Human, But It's Helpful." New York Times on the

Web 21 June 1998. 25 June 1999.


A Painting, Sculpture, or Photograph

Delacroix, Eugene. Death of Ophelia. 1853. Louvre, Paris. Shakespeare Illustrated. Ed. Harry

Rusche. Aug. 1996. Emory University. 77 Apr. 1997 <http://www.cc.emory.edu/ENGLISH/classes/Shakespeare_Illustrated/Delacroix.Ophelia.html>.


"Picasso, Pablo." The 2001 Grolier Mulitmedia Encylopedia. CD-ROM. Danbury: Grolier, 2000.