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Welcome to 8th Grade Algebra! In all chapters of Core Connections Algebra, you will share your mathematical knowledge with a study team as you work together to solve problems. Be prepared to work hard and have a lot of fun this year!


We remember…


10% of what we READ

20% of what we HEAR

30% of what we SEE

50% of what we SEE and HEAR

70% of what is DISCUSSED with OTHERS


95% of what we TEACH TO SOMEONE ELSE

-William Glasser


Class Expectations: Be nice and work hard with your team in the role you are assigned: (Facilitator, Task Manager, Resource Manager, Reporter/Recorder). Be engaged. (It is ok to be wrong. Just understand why you were wrong.) Work diligently and share your ideas with the class.


To remain in this accelerated class: You must do your homework. You must earn 80% or greater on tests. You must maintain at least a B- average. You will be moved back to the standard 8th grade class if you cannot meet these expectations.

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Homework: Put your completed homework out on your desk at the beginning of class. Always complete your homework in a neat and legible fashion. It is important that you follow directions and show your work on your assignments. Circle your final answers. Your grade is based on whether assignments are completed on time and how well they are done. It will usually take 20 to 30 minutes to complete an assignment. A typical assignment consists of 5 problems. I will give you a couple of nights to complete these 5 problems; this allows you the freedom to decide when to do your homework. Expect spaced-practice of problems throughout the year.  Check the College Preparatory Math Homework page for problems, hints, help and answers:




Homework Effort

·         All work must be handed in on time! Homework is important. Math requires a great deal of practice. Homework bridges the gap between yesterday and today. If you do not have homework with you at the beginning of class, you will earn a zero for the assignment. Homework done during the class will not be accepted. In the case of an emergency, you may bring in a note from your parent or guardian. For information about homework assignments, check the science web page. Worksheets and assignments can be printed from the website. If you miss more than two homework assignments, your parents will be contacted and you may be removed from this advanced class.



Tests: At the end of each chapter, expect team tests and individual tests. Pencils must be used on tests. You may use notes and learning logs during your tests. Individual tests will be given about one week after team tests. Learn from the team tests. You may retake low individual tests to improve your test score average. All tests less than 80% must be remediated. Fix your tests during x-block.



Grading (example):                               

                                                           Weight                    Total points earned      

Behavior/Classwork/Participation          25%                              180/200 

Homework                                             20%                              100/100  

Team Tests                                             15%                              82/100 

Individual Tests                                     40%                              92/100  

                                                               100%                         91.6% or A-


A+ = 100%-98%, A = 97%-93%, A- = 92%-90%, B+ = 89%-87%, B=86%-84%, etc.


Website:  Use Mr. Hand’s website to check math assignments. Homework help and hints are available. Play Quia review games. Some quizzes are similar to the review games. 


Extra Credit: Extra credit is given periodically; take advantage of it. You can also receive extra credit if you notice an error on the website, or notice that some information is missing. In either case, you should alert me in writing. You may also email me. Email:



If you need help: Check the College Preparatory Math Homework page:


I am always happy to help during x-block. Play the “QUIA” review games. Surf the math web site. Read the notes and play review games.

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How to reach me:

Jon Hand


Leave a message:  429-5004, extension 304



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Why is the number six afraid of seven?

(Because 7, 8, 9!)