Respiratory System

By Zach G.

Q: How does air pressure affect the lugs ability to breath?

A: How does the air pressure affect the lungs ability to breathe? For lungs to inflate, the air pressure in your lungs has to be less than the air outside the lungs. This is because air moves from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas. At high altitudes the air pressure is lower, making it harder for you to breathe.

~Main Diseases of the Respiratory System~


Black Lung

        1,500 people die each year of black lung

        Mostly happens in miners

        Silicosis is a form of black lung

        Sandstoneís silica dust is surprisingly more dangerous than coal dust


        Most commonly caused by smoking

        Bronchial tubes become irritated by infections

        11 million people diagnosed each year

        Symptoms include lots of mucus, coughing (usually dismissed as smokerís cough when it is really bronchitis.

        Treatment includes using antibiotics to reduce irritation, and staying away from dust and fumes


        The risk of asthma is increased by allergies

        Allergies increase the risk of sudden attacks

        10 % of people and 20% of children are affected by asthma

        Asthma may strike during any kind of respiratory infection such as a cold

        Can be managed but not cured, because it will stick with you for your whole life

        Asthma comes in sudden attacks

        Lungs feel tight as if suffocating during an attack

        5,000 people die every year in the U.S of asthma, these deaths couldíve been prevented