Respiratory System

By Nick C. and Kelsey F.

Q: How does the Respiratory System relate to other systems in the human body?

A: All of the other 5 major systems help the respiratory system work at itís best. The systems include the digestive system, skeletal system, circulatory system, muscular system, and finally the nervous system.

~The Digestive System and Respiratory System~

The well-known digestive system has a basic but important function. First, food goes down to the throat, and leads to the digestive system. What makes this path is the epiglottis, which opens when air comes through, and closes when food comes down. The digestive system breaks down food into simpler substances that the body can use including proteins. This helps the respiratory system because the lungs need nutrients. The respiratory system helps the digestive system by giving oxygen to the digestive system.Another basic, but important system is the skeletal system.

~The Skeletal System and Respiratory System~

The skeletal system is very important. This system is responsible for protecting the inner body. The skeletal system is like a metal shield covering the body. This system helps the respiratory system by protecting the lungs.

~The Circulatory System and Respiratory System~

The circulatory system is very useful. This system transports the food nutrients, and oxygen to the body cells. It also delivers of carbon dioxide and waste products. This helps the respiratory system by transporting nutrients to keep the lungs clean, and healthy. In return the respiratory system allows air to keep the circulatory system going.The next system is the muscular system.

~The Muscular System and Respiratory System~

The muscular system is interesting. In the human body there are three types of muscle tissue: Skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle. The muscular system helps push air come into and leave the respiratory system through the contraction and relaxation of the diaphragm, which is a muscle. The respiratory system has the lungs that deliver air to the muscles. It is kind of weird to think of or read about how your muscles works, and then knowing what they are doing right at that second.

~The Nervous System and Respiratory System~

The nervous system is awesome! This system actually makes you feel what you feel. It controls your bodiesí activities. Plus, it helps the respiratory system by allowing you feel and know when you are breathing and have somewhat control of it. The nervous system also triggers you to whine or scream when you get physically hurt. These systems are amazing.

††††††††† I have learned a lot from writing this essay. I learned how the digestive system breaks down food. How the skeletal system protects the lungs. The way the circulatory system transports food nutrients. And finally how the muscular system allows you you lift things, and how the nervous system allows us to feel things. All the systems have interesting functions.