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                                                                                                                                                2010-2011 Homeroom 108 “We Love Science”

You can contact me at voice mail 429-5004 extension 108. If you have a question regarding a homework assignment, please click on the link below for “Tonight’s Homework”. If you would like to email me with a question or concern, the address is:

Science State Frameworks for Grade 5 – click here to see how grade 5 meets the state framework standards in science education.

Tonight’s Homework

Grade K-2 Framework

Grades 3-5 Science Review: Fun Games and Activities


Reading students: Time to Moodle!


Way Cool Moon Activity:


Practice for the sound unit test with…. SOUND JEOPARDY! (You need PowerPoint to play)



Welcome to Grade 5 science!  During the year we will study in depth: click on each unit to see pictures and a description-

·        Meteorology (weather)

·        Cells and Genetics

·        Light Waves and the Human Eye

·        Classification of Vertebrate and Invertebrate Animals

·        Sound Waves and the Human Ear

·        Health Curriculum & trips (see below)




What Other Activities Happen in Science?

·        Science, Tobacco and You- An interactive CD designed to show you the effects of smoking on your body.  You’ll see the effects from the inside, follow-up with classroom experiments and even taste the way a smoker with damaged taste buds will taste food.

·        The Children’s Museum (formerly the Connecticut Science Center of CT) – This field study in the fall centers on our study of meteorology/weather.  You’ll experience the WVIT – 30 Weather Show in the Gengras Planetarium hosted by a television meteorologist.

·        Electrical and Fire Safety Visitors from Northeast Utilities/CL&P will teach our Grade 5 students about the dangers and hazards associated with electricity.  It is an exciting day as students view slides and handle (disconnected) circuits, fuses, melted dirt, and safety poles.

·        Science Sleuths: A laserdisc series by Video Discovery.  Each unit we study has a “real-life” application/problem to solve using a clue book and exposes students to careers in the field of science.

·        Guest Speakers:  We have a guest speaker for every science unit we study.  NBC Meteorologist Bob Maxon from WVIT-30 (meteorology), Mrs. Karen Hunyadi (sound & hearing), employees from FiberOptics Technology Inc., Mr. Henning from UConn (sound and the ear), Dr. Beth Schramm (light and the eye) to name a few. Speakers vary by year.

·        Science Enrichment: MMS offers many enrichment opportunities in science.  We offer classroom enrichment activities, twice a week X-Block Science Enrichment programs offered through the Interest Center in Room 202, as well as a wide variety of after-school programs.

Reading Class:

MMS Grade 5 uses the Houghton Mifflin Anthology Series. 


~ A theme-based read aloud time daily.  We begin the year with Meteorology in Science class as well as Nature’s Fury in Reading/LA class. Therefore the first read aloud is Lost in the Mountains, a story of a boy and girl who are trapped after an avalanche.  They must build a fort to survive the night on the mountain.  Others include the Time Warp Trio series, The Classroom at the End of The Hall, Shoebag, The Year of Miss Agnes, and How to Eat Fried Worms, to name a few.

~ Read Naturally!, a computer-based comprehension and fluency program. Students work at their own individual reading levels and at their own pace to read aloud different genres of stories. Key vocabulary and word recognition are highlighted.

~ Family Fun Frog Packs – Each week, for 24 weeks, students will bring home a different game to review reading and practice CMT skills. This is a fun family game that can be played many times.

~ Anthology Series Theme-Based Stories.

~ One School, One Read – OSOR is a school wide program offered every other year.  Students in grades 5-8 all read the same novel. Activities vary between grade levels. Culminating events in the past included: family style lunches, outside activities, musical plays, and cooking lessons centered on the book.

~ Newsletters for my reading class will be sent home with mid-term reports. 

~ Hands-on approach to reading – In my reading class, if we read about volcanoes, we make and erupt them. If it’s a story about the 1800’s early ways of life, we cook authentic johnnycakes. Reading is fun in 108! I look forward to sharing our time together!



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